Purchasing Policy

Ricepur User Purchasing Policy

Basic Purchasing Policy

At Ricepur we contribute to the quality of life through our products and services. Ricepur always provide organic and fresh rice for their customer and services from suppliers around the world. Our purchasing policy promotes consistently high standards in these transactions.

Guidelines Policy

In applying our purchasing policy, we pursue fairness by following five guidelines.

  1. Quality, price, reliability, and supply stability are the main criteria upon which we base decisions on initiating new business and carrying out specific transactions.
  2. We purchase from multiple suppliers to avoid excessive reliance on a single vendor and to prevent vendors from depending excessively on us.
  3. We request offers only when considering purchasing. If asked, we explain, within limits, our reasons for not accepting an offer or competitive bid.
  4. As a rule, we specify terms in written contracts. Ongoing transactions are also based on written contracts.
  5. We do not engage in transactions that lead to the violation of a third party’s intellectual property rights.